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 When comparing Wise Bank and Revolut Bank, there are several factors to consider. Here's a breakdown:

1. International Transfers: Wise Bank (formerly known as TransferWise) specializes in international money transfers, offering competitive exchange rates and low fees. They leverage a peer-to-peer model to facilitate transfers. On the other hand, Revolut Bank also offers international transfers, but their rates might not be as favorable as Wise Bank's.

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2. Multi-Currency Accounts: Revolut Bank is known for its multi-currency accounts, allowing users to hold and exchange various currencies within their account easily. This feature makes it convenient for individuals who frequently travel or conduct business across borders. Wise Bank, on the other hand, focuses primarily on international transfers and does not offer multi-currency accounts to the same extent.

3. Banking Features: Revolut Bank is a full-service bank that offers additional banking features, including a contactless payment card, budgeting tools, cryptocurrency trading, and more. They also provide various subscription plans that offer additional benefits. On the other hand, Wise Bank is not a traditional bank and primarily focuses on international money transfers, making it more suitable for specific use cases.

4. Regulation and Security: Both banks are regulated financial institutions and are required to follow certain security protocols and safeguards. With that said, Revolut Bank is registered and regulated in the United Kingdom with enhanced deposit protection, while Wise Bank operates as a money service business and holds user funds separately in segregated accounts.

5. Fees: Both banks have different fee structures. Wise Bank offers transparent and upfront fees for international transfers, which can be lower compared to traditional banks. Revolut Bank's fees depend on the subscription plan you choose, with more premium plans providing additional benefits and reduced fees.

Ultimately, the choice between Wise Bank and Revolut Bank we can see that wise win the compilation 

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